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Here at the UK's leading tile supplier - we make choosing the best tiles and adhesives easy for you. Choosing the perfect tiles can be a huge job for some people, because there is a lot more to it than simply choosing the right colour. Picking the right wall or floor tiles and adhesives from the leading tile supplier in the UK has never been simpler.

Which Tiles Go Where?

In fact, there are several considerations to take into account before making that final choice. To start with, let's look at where the tiles will go and what they will have to do. Will they be going in the kitchen, the bathroom, laundry, living room, or a high traffic area like a hallway? Will your tiles be going on the floor or on the wall? Inside or outdoors? Once you have a clear picture in your mind, we can look at which tiles and tiling adhesives will be best suited to your needs.

Floor Tiles

As a rule, Floor tiles need to be stronger and harder wearing than wall tiles. In addition, when you use them in wet areas such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms it makes sense that they have a rough or none slip surface. Travertine, slate, granite, and unglazed ceramic tiles make excellent floor tiles due to their naturally none slip surface and durability. When it comes to living room tiles you may find more choices available because there is not always a lot of water around and you can choose the more glossy ceramic tiles if you like, but beware! Your tiles will be there for many years to come, so make sure you are completely relaxed and comfortable with your choice of colours and style, and not just choosing the current trend for this year.

Wall Tiles

It's true that wall tiles are usually thinner and less hard wearing than floor tiles for obvious reasons. We don't walk on the walls! They are most often used in wet areas, such as the bathroom or Kitchen; therefore, wall tiles that have a smooth surface which won't trap dirt, mould and fungus etc are best suited for this. Size is important too, smaller tiles will have more joins and therefore be harder to clean and maintain. This is particularly important for food preparation areas in the kitchen.

Tiling Adhesives

Don't forget that tiling adhesives and grouts are also an important consideration for every tiling project. Outdoor floor areas might require an adhesive that is not affected by the elements and a grout that is hard wearing. While indoor wall areas may need an adhesive that is easy to apply, have strong binding qualities, and be water resistant. Tile grout that has mould resistant properties is an ideal choice for the kitchen and bathroom.

Tiles you Need

Now that you have a better understanding of your tiling needs, let us help you get started. Simply browse our easy to use online tiling warehouse, find the tiles you want and add them to your shopping cart. Once you have added them, use our secure payment system to make your purchase and we'll get your order to you straight away. Need more help? Please call us now 0800 195 6620. Our friendly tiling experts will walk you through every step of the way towards fulfilling your tiling needs.

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